Stadt, Land:
Neapel, Italien
7. Mai - 2. Oktober 2022
30. April 2022 for U.S. singers and 6. June for world singers


Vincero Worldwide opera Competition  is a section of the  Vincero  official project , belonging  to THEOGONIA  group  srl  which   is exclusively dedicated  to the discovery of new talents in the field of opera music , organizing an Italian opera singing competition    with world selections, dedicated each year to an Italian celebrity from the world of opera.

In addition to the discovery and enhancement of young opera singers, the objective of the Vincerò Competition has the aim of continuing to promote opera which  represents an Italian historical and artistic cultural heritage and is recognized all over the world as a witness and ambassador of our Culture and of ours. National Identity. Knowledge of the Italian language in the world, interpretation, directing and vocal tradition is a powerful vehicle for knowledge and promotion of our country. 


Each singer will have to prepare a total of five opera arias . Two free choice arias sent via video to access the qualifications, and three arias chosen from the mandatory list to access the semifinals (see below).

All five arias must be communicated at the time of registration, by filling in the form.

All the arias will be performed in the original key and language and must be by at least 3 different composers. It is mandatory to present 2 arias in Italian , among the five chosen.

All arias must be performed from memory and without interruption in all three phases of the competition (Qualifications, Semifinals and Final).

Compulsory arias – When registering for the competition, the three arias to be performed in case of admission to the semifinals must be chosen.



The competition is divided into three phases: Qualifications, Semi-finals and Final.