Schoenfeld International String Competition
Stadt, Land:
Harbin, China
15. - 29. July 2020
15. April 2020


The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition for Violin, Cello, and Chamber aims to enrich the culture of music by recognizing and promoting highly gifted young musicians.

Schoenfeld International String Competition was established to pay tribute to the legendary sisters, performers, and educators in the string world – Alice and Eleanore Schoenfeld.

The competition is based in Harbin, a city entitled „City of Music” by UNESCO in 2010. In collaboration with Harbin Symphony Orchestra, the Grand Theatre, and the Conservatory of Music in Harbin, SISC provides a unique and wide-ranging performance platform for promoting our highly gifted young string musicians from around the world.

Starts Wed Jul 15 2020
Ends Thu Jul 30 2020