Premio Amici della Musica di Verona
Stadt, Land:
Verona, Italien
19. März 2022 - 23. April 2022
10. Februar 2022


International competition for soloists and chamber music groups up to five members under the age of 35 (for ensembles is considered the average age of all members).

SPRING SESSION: 19 March 2022 – 23 April 2022 (Application-Deadline until 10 February 2022)

AUTUMN SESSION: 5 November – 10 December 2022 (Application-Deadline until 31 Agosto 2022)

The competition is held in two phases: Preliminary Round via video, anonymously (names of candidates will not be made public); Final Round will take place in presence, in form of a concert.

  • For the Preliminary Round it is necessary to send the link of a video or playlist containing at least 2 pieces of different authors and styles, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes. It must be uploaded on YouTube as ‚unlisted‚. The files may be longer, however the Jury will evaluate the performances by interrupting the listening at minute 20. Together with the video and the information required for registration, candidates must attach to the application the musical repertoire proposed for the Final Round (editable by 1 March 2022).

During the Preliminary Round, it is possible to perform single movements and extracts from larger compositions.

  • The Final Round of the competition will take place in form of a concert in the beautiful hall of Società Letteraria di Verona right in front of the Arena. Amici della Musica di Verona will be the host of an entire recital lasting around between 60 and 65 minutes, with a free choice program.

During the Final Round, it is possible to perform excerpts from major pieces, but not single movements.

Each candidate will be paid a gross remuneration of € 100. If requested, the accommodation will be provided by the                organization.

The Jury is made up of renowned artists who make up the Artistic Committee of Amici della Musica.

The results will be announced at the end of the concert session.

The prize consists of a debut in the next concert season of Amici della Musica di Verona. The economic value of the prize will be € 2,000.00 for soloists, € 3,000.00 for duo and trio and € 4,000.00 for quartet and quintet.


The competition is open to musicians from all countries who have not reached the age of 36 by the date of registration; for ensembles is considered the average age of all members.

Soloists and chamber groups from duo to quintet can take part in the competition. Electronic and amplified instruments, prepared piano and two pianos are not allowed.

Applying more than once with different formations is allowed, even during the same sessions.

Transcriptions and arrangements can be performed, while simplified versions are not allowed.

Improvisation is not allowed.

Performance by heart is not required.

Candidates registering as soloists undertake to perform in the Final Round only pieces for solo instrument, without accompaniment. Musicians who require accompaniment (by piano or other instrument) must register as a duo and will be judged as such.

The registration fee is € 50,00 regardless of the number of participants (i.e. chamber groups pay a single fee of € 50,00).