Irish Chamber Orchestra Masters Programme
Stadt, Land:
Limerick, Irland
2 Year Masters Beginn September 2020
1. Mai 2020, but late applications may be considered if a place is available


This innovative creative 2 year Masters in performance  is designed for gifted string players as the final step towards a professional career.

The aim is to finesse solo, chamber music, orchestral skills and audition preparation, whilst developing a greater awareness of the importance of the body, creativity and all-round musicianship. Students are invited to explore what it is they really want to say with their music, as they prepare to enter the profession.

The programme is led by members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) who rehearse, tutor and perform with the students. Former MA students are now members of the orchestra.

Students receive weekly 90-minute individual lessons, technique and performance skills classes, combined with weekly intensive sessions in chamber music, Dalcroze, creative performance development, New music and baroque styles and real life requirements.

For places starting September 2020 there are 2 audition periods, on line auditions also offered.

1. April 27th-May 1st

2. May 22nd-27th

Limited scholarships available.