11. Internationaler Wettbewerb „Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne“ (FS&MM) postponed to 5.-14. February 2022
City, Country:
Graz, Austria
Competition Period:
6. - 15. February 2021 -> postponed to 5.-14. February 2022
Application Deadline:
12. October 2021


Dear Sir/Madam,

The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz regrets to inform that the 11thInternational Chamber Music Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”, scheduled to take place from February 6-15, 2021, has to be postponed to 5. 14. February 2022. This decision was made by the Executive Committee of the Competition – Rector Georg Schulz (chair), Joseph Breinl & Chia Chou – on September 29, 2020, reasoned as follows:

“We, the members of the Executive Committee of the Competition ‘Franz Schubert and Modern Music’, have come to the conclusion that holding the competition in February 2021 would not allow us to incorporate some fundamental and characteristic aspects of this competition. These include the dialogue between participants and jurors and exchange of constructive feedback, the intensive collaboration between participants and the associated feeling of togetherness in chamber music, which plays a central role in this competition. We are aware that the required level of performance is very high and want to avoid participants experiencing an unequal playing field compared to previous editions of the competition. This particularly refers to the intensive preparation work with ensemble partners and teachers, which has not been possible to the same extent for all musicians in the past few months.”

It is planned to hold the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” in February 2022 – exactly one year later – under hopefully normal conditions in terms of preparation work and travelling.

Let’s all hope that the situation will recover soon and – especially the culture scene – will relieve and shine again!

Herzliche Grüße / Best regards,

Britta Reininghaus & Stefanie Nöst

für das Wettbewerbsteam / for the Competition team

Wir suchen kreative, phantasievolle und neugierige Musiker_innenpersönlichkeiten, die auf höchstem Niveau musizieren und ihre Zuhörer_innen im kammermusikalischen Zusammenspiel auf vielfältige Weise erreichen, berühren und begeistern können.
 Es ist wieder soweit: In Kürze startet die Anmeldung für den 11. Internationalen Wettbewerb „Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne“ (FS&MM), der von 5.-14. Februar 2022 in den Sparten Duo für Gesang und Klavier (Lied) und Trio für Klavier, Violine und Violoncello stattfinden wird. Von seiner Programmatik ist dieser Wettbewerb wohl ein außergewöhnlicher in der internationalen Wettbewerbslandschaft, denn er hat als Besonderheit und wesentliches Element die Achse zwischen Altbekanntem und Zeitgenössischem. Dabei wird Zeitgenössisches keinesfalls als Garnitur, sondern als Herausforderung zur seriösen Beschäftigung damit gesehen. Zusätzlich wurden für beide Sparten im Vorfeld Kompositionswettbewerbe ausgeschrieben, um die Erweiterung des zeitgenössischen Kammermusik-Repertoires aktiv voranzutreiben und das gewählte Repertoire der Teilnehmer_innen durch Pflichtstücke zu ergänzen.
Anmeldestart: 1. April 2021

The 11th edition of the competition will take place from February 5-14, 2022 in the two competition categories Lied Duo and Piano Trio. Musicians from all over the world can register for the international competition from April 1, 2021! The interested audience will get the experience of this chamber music celebration: the program includes a big opening concert with the ATOS TRIO on February 5, 2022 in the MUMUTH as well as LIVE-STREAMING from the second round.

The 11th International Chamber Music Competition „Franz Schubert and Modern Music“ (FS&MM) takes place from February 5-14, 2022 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in the two categories LIEDDUO & KLAVIERTRIO. Due to Corona, the 11th edition had to be postponed from February 2021 to 2022.*

Former prize winners ATOS Trio will open the 11th edition of the FS&MM competition with a concert on February 5, 2022. Annette von Hehn (Violin), Stefan Heinemeyer (Violoncello) and Thomas Hoppe (Piano) are the 1st prize winners of 2006. Following this concert, the competition will take place in three (Piano Trio) and four (Lied Duo) rounds with the FINALE in both categories on February 13, 2022.

The competition can be followed online via LIVE STREAMING from the second rounds.Find the complete SCHEDULE here.

Highlights of the FS&MM2022

The expansion of the chamber music repertoire gets actively promoted with the INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITIONS for Piano Trio and Lied Duo. One composition out of two prize winning works is to be chosen by each participating ensemble and will be (premier) performed in presence of the composers.

EXTRA CHALLENGE in the category Lied Duo: Composer JUDITH WEIR composed a commissioned work for the competition. The finalists will (premier) perform the piece after having only 36 hours of study time for it.

For the first time in the history of the FS&MM competition, the number of jury members will be expanded. An EXTENDED JURY consisting of distinguished personalities from the culture industries such as Annett Baumeister from Heidelberger Frühling, Elisabeth Ehlers from the KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig and Sigmund Tvete Vik, the artistic director of the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, will support the 16 jury members in the both competition categories in the final discussion for the selection of prize winners.

Find an overview of all jury groups here!

COMPETITION IN COMPETITION: As part of the FS&MM competition 2022, participants can decide if they would like to participate in the competition NEW FORMATS to receive a project prize. We are seeking formats, projects and (digital) activities that could open up to the audience new perspectives on the artistic content of the competition, namely chamber music, or make this music accessible to people who are not yet familiar with it.

Why participate …?

  • exciting & challenging repertoire
  • top-class jurors
  • prize money totalling approximately € 65,000.-
  • career consulting and supervision for selected prize winners
  • concert engagements & visibility through collaborations
  • professional and comprehensive feedback offering constructive input
  • workshops in the fields of career planning, self-management and the music outreach

Musicians from all nations and stateless persons born after February 15, 1985 are eligible to participate. Online application will be open from April 1 until October 12, 2021. Video trailer for registration: https://youtu.be/DDNim1yul8g

Find more information on https://schubert.kug.ac.at

*Subject to changes in the implementation due to corona conditions!